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Editorial: Children deserve better from health service

While Northern Ireland's dreadful waiting times are nothing new, the revelation yesterday that 24 children with suspected or confirmed cancer were waiting more than a year to see a consultant is truly shocking.

Editorial: Time to highlight the perpetrators

WHILE social media abuse of politicians has rightly been condemned in the light of the tragic death of Sir David Amess, it is merely the tip of a sinister iceberg which now threatens to damage the fabric of society.

Editorial: GP warnings must be heeded

IT is widely acknowledged that the health service is operating under intense pressure on a range of fronts, and our coverage today of challenges facing GP services provides a graphic illustration.

Editorial: Dark day for democracy

THE killing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in the course of assisting constituents in Essex will have been met with shock and revulsion everywhere that democracy is valued.

Editorial: Covid lessons must be learned

YESTERDAY marked the latest stage in the long process of lifting Covid restrictions and restoring some semblance of normality to daily life after the disruption of the last 18 months.

Editorial: EU proposals can lead to lasting deal

AGAINST a familiar background of threats and recriminations, distractions and dissembling, we are hopefully now entering a decisive round of negotiations to hammer out sustainable solutions to issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Editorial: End of one-metre rule another milestone

THE Stormont Executive's decision to remove the legal requirement for social distancing in pubs and restaurants represents another significant milestone on the journey out of Covid restrictions.

Editorial: Hard work on protocol must begin

AFTER days of sabre-rattling over the Northern Ireland Protocol at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the most telling contribution came in Boris Johnson's much-awaited main speech on Wednesday: precisely nothing.

Editorial: Mother and baby home survivors deserve truth

Yesterday marked another significant milestone for the survivors of mother and baby homes and Magdalene laundries in Northern Ireland, places which have become bywords for cruelty and a chilling lack of compassion for the women and girls who were sent there.

Opinion: No case for triggering Article 16

Any decision to trigger Article 16 during the Conservative Party's annual conference this week would be flamboyant, flawed and likely to cause long term damage on a range of fronts - in other words, an archetypal Boris Johnson move.

New investigation needed over Martin OHagan murder

While many appalling murders perpetrated by all sides during the Troubles remain officially unsolved, there must still be enormous concern that the killers of the Sunday World journalist Martin O'Hagan have never been convicted even though their identities are widely known.