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Holy Week reflection: Rev Dr Tom McKnight - Good Friday says death is not the end

O sacred head, sore wounded

With grief and pain weighed down

TODAY is Good Friday - 'good' in the old sense of 'holy' - when Christians contemplate the crucifixion of Jesus.

It is a time to contemplate suffering, sacrifice and mortality.

Covid-19 has changed how we see these. We see the suffering of those on ventilators or with a cough that will not stop.

We see the sacrifice of health workers risking so much to work in Covid wards.

And we see death - so much death.

But Good Friday reminds us that suffering and death are not the end, and the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross leads to resurrection - not just for Jesus, but for all who trust in Him.

What language shall I borrow to praise thee, dearest friend,

For this thy dying sorrow, thy pity without end?

Lord make me thine forever, nor let me fruitless prove:

O let me never, never abuse such dying love.

Rev Dr Tom McKnight

President, Methodist Church in Ireland

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