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Holy Week reflection: Rev Sam McGuffin - Easter will be very different this year

I've never known a time in my six decades of life when death was so high on the agenda.

Easter, however, is a time for focusing on life, and in particular on the resurrection of Jesus.

Other founders of world faiths have died, but none came back from death.

And because Jesus rose from death to life again the Christian message is clear: Jesus is who he claimed he was, sins can be forgiven and fears conquered through him; there is hope of life beyond the grave because of him; and best of all, we can have him in our lives day by day.

Jesus is the Saviour we all need and his the salvation we can all have.

Coronavirus has brought all kinds of life and death problems to us but we can be enabled to cope with them all, and look forward to a glorious life in the heavenly world to come, if we will entrust ourselves to our Saviour.

Easter celebrations will be very different this year. I encourage you to take time to think about the true meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rev Sam McGuffin

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

The Empty Cross, by Co Armagh artist Catherine Makem

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