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Holy Week reflection: The first Good Friday withstands the test of time

THE 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement marks what was a significant transformation in the politics and the stability of Northern Ireland in 1998.

The hope is that the current deadlock won't lead to political regress.

On this day a greater Good Friday event is celebrated throughout the world marking what happened two millennia ago, the impact of which has withstood the test of time.

Today Christians worldwide worship Jesus Christ who, as an innocent victim who committed no sin, died for humankind.

It is his substitutionary death on a cross for the sins of the world that offers peace and hope to all who repent and believe.

The cross, the symbol of Christianity and faith in Christ, is the key to forgiveness and eternal hope. It has been said:

"The cross is a picture of violence yet the key to peace,

A picture of suffering yet the key to healing,

A picture of death yet the key to life,

A picture of vicious hatred yet the key to love,

A picture of supreme shame yet the Christian's supreme boast."

Rt Rev Dr Noble McNeely

Moderator, Presbyterian Church in Ireland

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