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Christmas reflection: Get yourself connected this Christmas

Rev Dr Laurence Graham

WHO can doubt that we live in a broken, disconnected world. Just read the headlines on any day.

In Northern Ireland we live in a disconnected society and it's not just the politicians who are disconnected.

It goes right down to every level of society. We live in a broken disconnected world. But Jesus came to connect.

That's what Advent and Christmas is all about. Jesus came to open the way for us to meet God personally.

The message of this time of year is about the fact that God reached out so that we could meet Him.

God came amongst us so that we could discover Him. God came looking for us so that we could find Him.

So, have you met Him? Are you connected with Him? If not, then why not, because that's why He came.

And as we respond to God reaching out to us, let's each ask, 'What can I do to reach across boundaries to offer reconciliation?'

We complain about our political leaders not getting together at Stormont.

What about us?

Rev Dr Laurence Graham

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

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