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Jake O'Kane: It's a kind of magic

Jake O'Kane

I'VE a secret I didn't want known, but I suspect it's about to be revealed, so I've decided you, my loyal readers, should be the first to know.

Patricia Mac Bride: In conflict, there is not just one truth

Patricia Mac Bride

The US President Joe Biden confirmed on Monday that a US drone strike in Afghanistan the previous weekend had killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri and declared “justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more.

Nuala McCann: You can't say civilisation don't advance

LONG, long ago, in my salad days when I was green about the ears, when Blu Tack was a thing and Mr Whippy meant ice cream only, I stuck up deep and meaningful posters alongside Gary Glitter and David Essex on the bedroom wall.

Radio Review: Getting married on the cheap

Nuala McCann
Woman's Hour, Radio 4 Playback, RTÉ 1 Liveline, RTÉ 1 IN a mad world where weddings are getting bigger, blousier and more expensive than ever, writer Nell Frizzell was refreshingly downbeat about getting married on the cheap.