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Brian Feeney: Higgins is wise not to take part in commemoration of partition

Brian Feeney
We’re now told that the ‘non-political’ church service that President Higgins had the wit, wisdom and political nous to decline, has a programme of events following on which includes a state reception at Hillsborough Castle, and historic buildings illuminated across the UK to celebrate partition and the violent birth of its misbegotten spawn, the north.

Tom Kelly: Michael D Higgins right not to give in to faux outrage

Tom Kelly
All Hail the Chief! A hearty congratulations to An Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D Higgins for not giving into the shrill and faux outrage over his decision not to attend a religious service loaded with political overtones to mark the partition of Ireland and the formation of Northern Ireland.

Patricia Mac Bride: What is the DUP's endgame?

Patricia Mac Bride
Jeffrey Donaldson quoted an economist in his speech last week who claimed that the Northern Ireland Protocol could cost £850 million per year to the economy and asked us to imagine what we could do if we invested that money in schools instead.

Anita Robinson: Faced with today's crowded airports, a hip replacement can be a boon

Anita Robinson
In any airport, why is the boarding gate to or from Norn Iron invariably located on the extreme periphery, as far out as a lighthouse? You feel as if you’ve already trekked halfway to your destination on foot, only to discover in the departure lounge every seat is occupied and a lengthy untidy queue standing dead-eyed amidst a welter of baggage, waiting for the check-in lady to arrive – which may or (more likely) may not, be soon.