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The launch of the very first School Edition of the Irish News at Interpress, Belfast.

St Mary’s University College, in collaboration with the Irish News and supported by CBI invite you to participate in our Irish News Critical Literacy Project.
Sign-up your school today.

Thousands of local children are already improving their literacy through reading The Irish News.

Suitable for Primary & Post Primary Schools


The Irish News Critical Literacy Project brings an invigorating four/six/eight weeks* of activities that offer a different way to challenge the knowledge and understanding of young readers while introducing them to the wonderful world of newspapers in conjunction with the Irish News.

We know our primary & secondary school pupils are fascinated by the news, Trump’s Presidency, Brexit and sports. The news can provide a great way for them to improve their reading and writing, as well as their talking and listening skills.

The students will receive their very own copy of The Irish News school edition delivered weekly for them to use. The content of this paper will be child-friendly to ensure all pupils fully engage with the project.

At the end of the initiative, successful students will also receive a personalised certificate of achievement.

The project allows children the opportunity to read a wider range of materials, helping them to develop their inferential knowledge and deduction skills. They are becoming familiar with the different types of news stories and are able to see the impact that events of all types can have on their local areas and within Northern Ireland.

The project will cost £1 per student.

“St Mary’s is pleased to continue its exciting partnership with the Irish News Young Readers Project. The new school edition of the newspaper will greatly facilitate the overall educational objective of the project; developing pupils’ critical media literacy. We encourage teachers as well as student teachers to sign up now to participate in a project which is very flexible and applicable for both Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils.”

Professor Peter Finn

KSG Principal, St Marys University College

Professor Peter Finn, Professor Peter Finn KSG Principal, St Marys University College

“CBI NI is delighted to support the Irish News’ literacy project for young children.  Critical reading is an important part of a child’s development.  This experience works to support a child’s analytical and evaluation skills – both of which are highly valued in the world of work.  Our support for this project chimes well with the CBI’s support for breakfast clubs in disadvantaged areas.  The business community is well aware that investing in our young people today pays huge dividends when it comes to the future economy”.

Angela McGowan 

Director, CBI Northern Ireland

Angela McGowan Director CBI Northern Ireland, CBI Northern Ireland