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New strategies target coronavirus hotspots around the world

Jennifer Peltz
After entire nations were shut down during the first surge of the coronavirus earlier this year, some countries and US states are trying more targeted measures as cases rise again, especially in Europe and the Americas.

No charges against third Australian journalist, police confirm

Rod McGuirk, Associated Press
Australian police have announced that a third journalist will not be charged with obtaining classified information 16 months after high-profile police raids triggered national outrage over the state of press freedom in Australia.

Russia hosts Armenia-Azerbaijan Ceasefire Talks

Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press
Russia has moved to stop the worst escalation of fighting in the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh in more than a quarter of a century by hosting ceasefire talks.

Spain imposes state of emergency in virus-hit Madrid

Barry Hatton and Alicia Leon, Associated Press
Spain's government has declared a state of emergency in Madrid, wresting control of efforts to fight the spread of Covid-19 from local authorities in a region that is experiencing one of Europe's most significant coronavirus outbreaks.