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Salma Hayek weighs into the debate on the gender pay gap

Salma Hayek
Sherna Noah, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Salma Hayek has weighed into the debate on the gender pay gap - saying that men "do a lot less" but feel entitled to ask for more.

The Hollywood actress (50), who joins La La Land star Emma Stone and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actress Noomi Rapace in criticising inequality between female and male stars, said men have "lower" standards.

She told The EDIT: "Women work harder than men and are more demanding of themselves, yet they have the sensation they don't do enough, and therefore they are less daring about asking for a better position or salary.

"Men do a lot less, they are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion."

She said women never feel good enough, even for a man who is cheating on them.

"(Women) are a lot more demanding of ourselves than men are. It's a horrible sensation - we're not enough at work, we're not enough for the guy who's cheating on us, we're not enough for our children who always want more of us, no matter what we give," the star said.

In the interview with Net-A-Porter's weekly digital magazine, Hayek also revealed which part of getting older she despises - and it is not what people might expect.

"The worst part of the ageing process has been my eyes. Not the wrinkles - the eyes themselves," she said.

"I'm such a visual person and (now) I cannot read without depending on glasses....It has been really, really sad. The eyes, for me, that's worse than the menopause."

Hayek said she loves her curves but added: "I would like the curve to go in instead of out in some places".

The actress, who is married to luxury fashion company boss Francois-Henri Pinault, said: "I will sometimes say, 'I am 50 years old! Why do I have to look good? I already got my guy!' But then, I don't want to lose the guy, either."

Talking about how she handles bad days, she said: "When I'm unhappy, sometimes I become a bitch. Sometimes I drink a beer. It works. Sometimes I take a bath.... I meditate. I breathe. But first, I become a bitch."

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