Scottish Labour manifesto will chart a path to 2026 elections, says Sarwar

The Labour leader was unveiling the party’s campaign battle bus on Monday.

Anas Sarwar will unveil his party’s manifesto this week
Anas Sarwar will unveil his party’s manifesto this week (Andy Buchanan/PA)

The manifesto Scottish Labour will publish this week will help the party “chart a path to 2026” leader Anas Sarwar has said as he ponders the next Holyrood election.

Labour has seen a resurgence in recent years, cementing the party back in second place in Scottish politics and putting them neck-and-neck with the SNP in recent polls on Westminster voting intention.

The party appears to be setting its sights on the race for Bute House and hoping to build on a potential Labour government in London.

Writing in the Daily Record newspaper, Mr Sarwar said: “To deliver the change that Scotland needs, we need change at Holyrood too – because 17 years of SNP failure has left every single institution in Scotland weaker.

“This week, Scottish Labour will publish our manifesto, which will set out in more detail what Labour’s plans mean in Scotland.

“But it will also chart a path to the 2026 Scottish Parliament election and show how Scottish Labour would use the devolved powers we already have here in Scotland to change our country.

“Too often the SNP has failed to make use of the opportunities of devolution, preferring to talk about what it can’t do.

“After 17 years in government, the SNP cannot dodge responsibility for its record.”

He added: “Scotland has been failed by two incompetent governments – and Labour can deliver change in both Westminster and Holyrood.”

His comments come as the Scottish Labour leader prepares to unveil the party’s battle bus on Monday.

Responding, SNP candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh Tommy Sheppard said: “Sir Keir Starmer has already told Anas Sarwar what he plans for Scotland and the rest of the UK – more austerity cuts, more Brexit and more of the same.

“The Labour Party have shown their true colours with their unwavering commitment to a Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for, £18 billion of cuts to public services and abhorrent policies like the two child benefit cap. In this election, only the SNP are offering an alternative to that Westminster status quo.

“Sir Keir Starmer’s myriad of broken promises and U-turns on everything from the devolution of employment law to the amorphous identity of GB energy show that Labour can’t be trusted, and unfortunately, any manifesto promises they make won’t be worth the paper they are written on.”