Industry calls for skills revolution within 100 days of new government

Make UK has published its manufacturers’ manifesto.

Make UK’s manifesto is urging a ‘bold, long-term industrial strategy’
Make UK’s manifesto is urging a ‘bold, long-term industrial strategy’ (Alamy Stock Photo)

Manufacturers are calling on the next government to launch a “skills revolution” within the first 100 days of taking office.

Make UK published its manifesto, urging a “bold, long-term industrial strategy” to include the upskilling and re-training of the current workforce.

The manufacturers’ group said there was an urgent need to shock the UK economy out of its “anaemic” holding pattern and take advantage of opportunities provided by rapidly accelerating technologies.

Make UK called for measures including the re-introduction of an industry strategy council, a root-and-branch review of the apprenticeship levy, and a mechanism for consultation with industry to decide where it is appropriate to maintain alignment with EU regulatory changes.

Chief executive Stephen Phipson, said: “The policy landscape in which manufacturers operate has changed significantly in recent years and more changes are yet to come, from the transition to net zero to rapidly accelerating and game-changing technological change.

“To keep up with these changes and take advantage of the many opportunities ahead, not to mention the threats from other countries, we need a vision from the next government which recognises the scale of these challenges.

“This vision must include a long-term, robust, modern industrial strategy that will withstand political chop and change and goes beyond 2030.”