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Prince Albert presented with GAA jerseys during Co Mayo trip

Prince Albert of Monaco was presented with Burrishoole GAA jerseys. Picture from O'Neills/Twitter
Suzanne McGonagle

PRINCE Albert of Monaco has been presented with jerseys belonging to a Co Mayo GAA club.

During a visit to Newport, the ancestral homeland of his late mother Princess Grace, the prince was given two Burrishoole GAA tops for his children Jacques and Gabriella.

It came as Prince Albert unveiled a sculpture of Princess Grace close to Newport's landmark seven-arch viaduct. His mother's family were originally from Drimurla, just outside the town.

The piece was created by local sculptor, Mark Rode, who worked from an image of the former Hollywood actress and Oscar winner which was personally selected by Prince Albert.

Princess Grace died in September 1982, aged 52, from injuries she suffered in a car crash the previous day.

The statue of Grace Kelly was commissioned by Newport Business Association as part of its ongoing initiative to celebrate 'The Town of the Two Graces', which also includes Grainne Uaile from the 16th century.

Both women have strong links with the town. 

The organisers said it was a "commemoration and celebration of two iconic women with strong Mayo links". It is expected that the statue of Grainne Uaile will be unveiled next year. 

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