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Mural of Celtic warrior god Lú 'the tallest in Ireland'

The tallest mural in Ireland has been painted on the side of a Dundalk hotel. Picture from RTÉ

THE tallest mural in Ireland has been painted on the side of a hotel in Dundalk, Co Louth.

The 41-metre mural of warrior god Lú and his faithful wolfhound was painted by renowned Australian artist Sam Bates, also known as "Smug One".

It took Mr Bates 10 days to create the mural on the side of the Crown Plaza Hotel - the tenth tallest building in the Republic.

The painting shows Lú, the namesake of Co Louth, holding an electric blue spear in one hand and a sword in the other.

In Celtic mythology Lú was the father of Cu Chúlainn, the hero who single-handedly defended Ulster from the army of Connacht.

The mural, funded by Creative Ireland, is part of the SEEK urban arts festival.

Mr Bates said he was pleased to create a mural depicting a mythological hero.

"When they mentioned Lú to me and I researched him and looked into who he was and his relationship with the county, I got really excited because I love mythical concepts that are tied to actual history," he told RTÉ.

He said he had to battle strong winds to complete the project but also got to enjoy stunning views.

"The clouds have been so dramatic and at sunset, when I turn around from the wall, I'm looking directly at the sun and it's been so dramatic. It's been amazing," he said.

Cormac McCann, sales and marketing manager at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, said the mural was wonderful.

"People are thrilled to see it. It's transformed the building," he said.

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