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Irish officials hold talks on Afghanistan evacuation

Afghan people who were transported from Afghanistan, disembarking a plane on August 23 2021, at the Torrejon military base as part of the evacuation process in Madrid. Picture by Andrea Comas, AP
Dominic McGrath, PA

Dublin government officials are meeting to discuss the ongoing situation in Afghanistan as the Republic tries to complete the evacuation of its citizens.

The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Monday that a team of Irish diplomats, supported by the military, has been deployed to the country to help any citizens still there.

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said today that his department is in close contact with the team in Kabul.

“Our team of diplomats and Army Rangers in Kabul are safe, busy and doing fantastic work with partners,” he said.

“We remain in close contact with them to make decisions on exit.

“We are also in continuing contact with all Irish individuals and families in Afghanistan.”

Concern has grown over the affiliate of the so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan, Isis-K, amid fears it could be planning a terror attack on Kabul airport.

Earlier this week, Mr Coveney said it is possible not all Irish citizens can be evacuated from Afghanistan by the end of the month.

This week, US President Joe Biden confirmed that US evacuations will end on August 31.

That decision has put pressure on other nations to end the evacuation of their own citizens by then.

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