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Forbes magazine removes 'disgraceful' article describing Limerick as 'Stab City'

A 'disgraceful' reference to knife crime in Limerick city (pictured) in a Forbes article has led to its removal online.
Staff Reporter

FORBES magazine has removed an online article which described Limerick as 'stab city' in a reference to knife crime.

The description, which featured in an article on the CEO of software firm Stipe, Patrick Collison, was branded "disgraceful" by a local TD.

The headline of the article, referring to Patrick and his brother, Stipe co-founder Michael Collison, stated "How two brothers escaped Stab City and made $11 Billion".

In the article, by Stephen McBride, Limerick was described as the "murder capital" of Europe, prompting criticism of the labels.

Feuds between crime gangs in the city in recent decades had led to the use of 'stab city' as a derogatory nickname for Limerick, but local Fine Gael TD Kieran O'Donnell said its use in the article was an "insult to our city".

Following his demand for a retraction, Forbes chief communications officer Matthew Hutchison said: "The article by a contributor failed to meet our editorial standards and was removed from our site shortly after it was published."

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