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Dublin to recruit 500 customs officers in preparation for 'no deal' Brexit

Extra customs officers will be required at Dublin Port. Picture by iStock

THE Dublin government plans to recruit more than 500 customs and veterinary inspectors in preparation for the UK leaving the EU without a trade deal.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said the number of new posts at ports and airports would "depend on the shape of Brexit which should become clearer later on in the year".

The Fine Gael administration will unveil part of its 'no deal' contingency plan for Brexit at a special cabinet meeting in Kerry tomorrow.

Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney flagged up the need for extra resources at the Republic's six main ports and three main airports at the weekend.

He said the Dublin government would begin installing facilities in the near future as planning for Brexit moves "to the implementation stage".

"Different scenarios trigger different responses and some of our ‘no deal’ planning will have to remain confidential for now, given that negotiations are ongoing," the tanaiste wrote in platform for the Irish Times.

Mr Coveney also reiterated that no matter what the outcome of the negotiations between the EU and the UK, all sides have agreed that a hard border in Ireland will be avoided.

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