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UNESCO recognition for uilleann pipes

Uilleann pipes have been recognised as an important and unique cultural heritage symbol by Unesco

UILLEANN pipes have been recognised as an important and unique cultural heritage symbol by Unesco.

Its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage showcases and celebrates human diversity and ingenuity, and raises awareness of the importance of protecting shared cultural heritage.

The recognition follows an earlier decision by the Unesco to inscribe the Irish Folklore Commission Collection into its Memory of the World register.

Uilleann piping is a musical practice in which a particular type of bagpipe is used to play traditional music.

Unesco said uilleann piping offered an important way of socialising, providing a sense of rootedness and connection to the past.

President Michael D Higgins welcomed the move as a "welcome and much deserved tribute to the sounds and culture of our island".

"This inclusion represents an honour for a most valuable part of Irish culture, and for uilleann piping throughout the world, and is a valuable recognition of the skills, imagination, creativity and importance of those who make, restore and play na píobaí uilleann," he said.

"We are very proud of our reputation for creativity and music traditions; a reputation which is greatly enhanced by our craftspeople who have passed their love of music and talent from generation to generation down through the centuries. Our music and craftwork connect us in profound ways, weaving together cultural memory and contemporary vision."

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