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Anti-agreement republicans told they must ‘organise politically' - 1916 rally told

Co Tyrone republican Packy Carty 
Connla Young

ANTI-agreement republicans have been told they must “organise politically” during an Easter commemoration in Dublin.

The comments were made during an “unfinished revolution” Easter Rising commemoration in Dublin city centre on Saturday.

The ‘commemorative walk’ was organised by the Dublin branch of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association which represents ‘IRA’ prisoners.

The group has links with the organisers of a march in Coalisland, Co Tyrone, on Easter Sunday during which former republican prisoner David Jordan spoke about the need for a new “political vehicle” to be established.

The parade, which made its way from the Garden of Remembrance along O’Connell Street to the General Post Office, was addressed by Co Tyrone republican Packy Carty.

He said that opportunities have “existed to tie numerous social issues into the big picture of national sovereignty, but without a political movement with a strategy, we have had to watch from the sidelines”.

“It is of the utmost importance comrades that we organise politically, that the mass protest movements be joined and our analysis is heard,” he said.

“The lesson from Catalonia is when you teach the people to see that their social problems stem from the lack of national sovereignty, then the sky's the limit in terms of the movement that can be built.”

He said any new party must be left leaning.

“We must be there for the evicted, the workers, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the people of no property, we must look to Connolly to Mellows to O'Donnell and build a strong revolutionary party that avoids the pitfalls and revision of the past,” he said.

Mr Carty described partition as “the greatest evil of our time” and said it “continues to deny the Irish people their right to national sovereignty and self determination and while it continues, a nation built on the ideals of the 1916 Proclamation can not be realised”.

“The 26 County southern state is as much a British creation as the six county Northern statelet,” he said.

“Britain continues to fear an independent socialist Irish Republic and so without mandate in Ireland, enforces partition on us.

“To realise our ideals and objectives it will be necessary to uproot both failed states along the way.”

Mr Carty also said attempts are being made to change nationalist identity in the north.

“The administering of British rule by former comrades, goes hand in hand with a British strategy, for their rule here, one which they hope will see a significant section of the ‘nationalist’ population conditioned into being ‘Northern Irish’,” he said.

“To this end vast sums have been directed into infiltrating and drowning in finance, organisations that have been the bedrock of Irish identity in the north.”

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