Sinn Féin’s John Finucane doesn’t have ‘permission’ to disclose MP salary

The issue of how much the party’s MPs are paid has long been a source of debate

John Finucane said Sinn Fein has had ‘various proposals’ put to it recently (PA)
North Belfast MP John Finucane (PA)

Sinn Féin’s John Finucane has said he does not have “permission” to disclose how much the party’s MPs are paid.

Speaking on BBC’s Sunday Politics, the North Belfast MP echoed the word’s of colleagues who have said they do not have clearance to disclose the exact sum paid to them.

He said only that it was less than the standard parliamentary salary paid to all Westminster MPs.

All MPs receive an annual base salary of £91,346 plus expenses, as of April 2024

Mr Finucane said: “We don’t take a salary, we obviously have our offices, and we receive some money for our staff and our constituencies.

“I think with respect, it’s not something that has been brought up with me.

“The issues that are brought up with me on the doorstep is not about how much Sinn Féin pays its elected representatives, it’s about what those elected representatives will do.”

Pressed on the issue by presenter Mark Carruthers, Mr Finucane said: “I think you’re creating an issue out of something that quite frankly has not been raised with me or my colleagues on the doors.”

Sinn Féin MPs are not entitled to salaries as they do not take their seats in Westminster. But they are allowed to claim allowances for the costs of staff, offices and travel.

The party has previously said it pays it’s MPs a wage from its own resources.

But the exact amount paid to them is not known, and none of the party’s MPs have disclosed the details of their party wages in their register of financial interests.