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Sinn Féin says 'no issue' over Serbian and German-based supporters' involvement in Facebook accounts

Sinn Féin has said party supporters in Germany and Serbia are involved in the management of social media accounts. Picture by Dominic Lipinski
Paul Ainsworth

SINN Féin has accused political rivals of a "petty attempt at spin" after confirming that supporters based in Serbia and Germany are involved with its social media accounts.

Fine Gael senator John Cummins had claimed the party has "serious questions" to answer over its Facebook accounts.

The Waterford-based senator said administrators of the main Sinn Féin Facebook page included two based in Serbia and one in Germany.

"Data from Sinn Féin's Facebook ad library shows 26 out of 37 of its Dáil representatives have a German-based Facebook administrator," he said, adding: "Why is it necessary that party leader Deputy Mary Lou McDonald has a Facebook account which is also managed in Germany? Why is the page of northern leader, Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill, overseen by someone in Serbia?"

In a statement last night, a Sinn Féin spokesman said the party's Facebook advertising is "managed in Ireland; in full compliance with Facebook's advertising policies".

The spokesman added: "A party supporter who is now based in Germany works for our social media team. In Serbia, we have two party supporters who occasionally help out our social media team. This information is publicly listed on Facebook.

"There is no issue here - despite Fine Gael's petty attempt at spin."

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Political news