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Gerry Carroll's 'Victory to the Palestinian Resistance' social media post reported to PSNI

Palestinians rescue a young girl from the rubble of a destroyed residential building following an Israeli airstrike. Picture by AP Photo/Fatima Shbair
Suzanne McGonagle

A social media post by MLA Gerry Carroll following the attack by Palestinian militants on Israel has been reported to police.

The People Before Profit (PBP) assembly member had posted on X, formerly Twitter on Saturday: "Victory to the Palestinian Resistance", accompanied by two clenched fist emojis.

He later defended his post.

It has emerged that the PSNI have received complaints about Mr Carroll's post.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police have received two reports relating to a social media post on Saturday, October 7.

"Enquiries continue.”

It came as UUP leader Doug Beattie also said he had reported the post to the Assembly’s Standards Commissioner.

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Mr Beattie had described the comments by Mr Carroll as "not acceptable".

Meanwhile, UUP MLA Robbie Butler has said he is "seeking legal advice" about a "scandalous lie” made by Lord Kilclooney, formerly John Taylor.

It came after the two men became embroiled in a dispute on Twitter about the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Lord Kilclooney wrote: "Robbie Butler MLA defends the killing by Israel of children and civilians in Gaza contrary to opinion of the UN.

"Claims that Israel is exercising its right to defend its nation and people.”

The UUP's Robbie Butler. Picture by Brian Lawless/PA


The UUP assembly member replied: "For this absolute scandalous lie I will be seeking legal advice, John.

"An abominable lie.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Lord Kilclooney had described Israel's actions as a "war crime".

Writing on X/Twitter, he also said the country had been "involved in indiscriminate bombing of civilians".

"This is a war crime which both the UK and EU are supporting," he added.

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