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Belfast Trust investigating claims sexually explicit video involving staff was filmed on trust premises

Belfast Hhealth trust is investigating the claims.
Allan Preston

BELFAST health trust has said it is investigating claims that a video of sexually explicit material allegedly involving staff and filmed on trust premises is being circulated online.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “Belfast trust is aware of sexually explicit material being circulated online which is said to have been filmed on trust premises and involving trust staff.

“We are treating this matter with the utmost seriousness and have been in discussions with the PSNI about it.”

They continued: “The allegations about who was involved in the filming of sexually explicit material, and where that filming took place, may not be accurate.

“We are investigating whether trust staff were involved and whether any of the sexually explicit material was filmed on trust premises.

“If it is the case that any such filming was conducted in Belfast trust premises then that would be completely unacceptable and appropriate steps will be taken.”

Commenting on the trust statement, a PSNI spokesperson said: “This is not a police matter.”

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