Northern Ireland

MLA condemns Nazi-style recruitment poster spotted in Downpatrick

A Nazi-style recruitment poster was spotted outside Downpatrick bus station.
A Nazi-style recruitment poster was spotted outside Downpatrick bus station.

An Alliance MLA has condemned the appearance of a "neo-nazi esque poster" that was spotted outside Downpatrick bus station.

The poster is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda posters and urges young people to join the Highland Division White Nationalist Activist Group.

It also features the slogans "White Youth Revolt" and White Lives Matter.

After posting the image on Facebook, Patrick Brown said: "This sort of intimidatory and racially charged signage is not welcome in Downpatrick or indeed anywhere.

"I have reported the signage to (Department For Infrastructure) and the PSNI and can confirm it has already been removed."

He added: "I would ask anyone who sees any similar posters in the area to let me know so they can be dealt with in a similar fashion. I have also asked the PSNI to look into this group via the QR code they provided and investigate any threat they may have to the public."

The QR code is a link to a private chat on the encrypted social media app Telegram, with the group titled Ireland Activists (Unvetted Recruitment).

The so-called Highland Division is reported to be a far right group linked to Scotland and known for anti-immigration rallies.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that one of the members in the group chat said the purpose of the poster was: “Activism, to make people aware of the intent behind mass migration (and) the anti-white agenda in the media".

They added the group only had two members in Northern Ireland and it was difficult to recruit as "“people are not interested in doing anything”.