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Clinton and Adams to share recollections of 1998 deal at New York event

Bill Clinton greeting Gerry Adams (PA)
Rebecca Black, PA

Former US president Bill Clinton and the ex-leader of Sinn Fein are set to reflect on the 25th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

Gerry Adams is taking part in the event in New York next month organised by Irish American organisations.

Event coordinator Marty Glennon said Irish America has been “steadfast” in support of the peace agreement.

“Twenty-five years ago, Irish America united in the pursuit of peace and justice. The Good Friday Agreement was signed, and a new chapter in Irish history was written,” he said.

“Irish America has been steadfast in their support of the Agreement and peace.

“We look back with pride, and we look to the future with optimism and hope that we realize fully the promise of the agreement.”

Among the organisations taking part includes the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, James Connolly Labour Coalition, Brehon Law Society and Friends of Sinn Fein.

LAOH president Marilyn Madigan said: “Irish-American trade unionists stand on the shoulders of a great generation of labour leaders, who contributed mightily toward peace and justice in the north of Ireland.

“We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GFA and look forward to its full realisation, a reunited 32-county Irish Republic.”

Cathy Stanton, Brehon Law Society president, Nassau County, said: “The Good Friday agreement is a shining example of what can be accomplished if all parties truly share a desire for peace. But the desire for peace is not enough.

“The agreement is reminder of what still needs to be done to truly realise the dream for a united Ireland.”

Mark Guilfoyle, Friends of Sinn Fein president, added: “We look back with pride to the events of April 1998 and to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Ireland is changing, and the agreement endures as we navigate a peaceful and democratic pathway to a new and united Ireland.

“Irish Americans will remain in lock step with the wishes of the people of Ireland.”

The event will take place in New York on April 3. Tickets are free, but registration is required.

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