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Hendrix museum calls for Belfast memories of guitar icon

Jimi Hendrix presented with a cake on his 25th birthday in Belfast, 1967, where he performed at the Whitla Hall
Allan Preston

A JIMI Hendrix museum in London has called on concert-goers to share their memories of the legendary guitar player's only Irish concert.

Hendrix famously performed at the Whitla Hall for the Belfast Festival on November 27 1967, and was presented with a cake on stage to mark his 25th birthday.

The Handel & Hendrix museum in London, where the guitarist lived in the late 1960s, is now seeking public memories, photographs and film for a new exhibition.

Claire Davies, deputy director of Handel & Hendrix, said: “"We hope Hendrix fans around the world will want to see their memories, photographs and even film included in this new exhibition.

"It’s time to get up into the attic and dig out those photograph albums and cine film from the 1960s, reminisce and then go to our website to tell us what you can share."

Please leave your comment below along with your full name and where you are from. We will use a selection of responses in an article

A review of Hendrix's Belfast gig was published in The Gown student newspaper and described it as "ear-splitting and kaleidoscopic".

"It was Hendrix’ s birthday. The audience sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in a feeble and slightly embarrassed fashion," the article read.

"The compére hurriedly initiated a cry of ‘We want Jimi.’

"The lights dimmed and weaved; Hendrix exploded on to the stage; ‘Plug your ears, it’s gonna be LOUD.’ the ensuing welter of noise, confusion and flashing lights could not obscure the fact that Jimi Hendrix is a guitarist of considerable talent and though it is at times difficult to separate sheer gimmickness from genuine musical (expression)."

After destroying his instrument on stage, the reviewers added: "It is now as important to smash a guitar as it is to play it.

"Hendrix did both with admirable expertise."

Offstage, Hendrix was remembered as "incongruously mild, affable and unassuming".

"He sat in the dressing room, temporarily detached from the bevy of road-managers, and munched birthday cake. He constantly strummed a guitar covered in psychedelic patterns.”

Memories for the new exhibition can be shared until March 31, via

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