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Lorry smashes through roadside barrier near Dunsilly roundabout

Photos shared by NIFRS Northern Area Command show the vehicle tipped down the ditch
Allan Preston and digital staff

A lorry has crashed into a roadside ditch near the Dunsilly roundabout in Antrim, with one person taken to hospital.

Photos shared by NIFRS Northern Area Command show the vehicle in a ditch after having smashed through the roadside barrier close to the M2 motorway.

Fire crews are at scene.

One person was taken to Antrim Area Hospital, according to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. 

NIFRS said in a Facebook post: "The crews used manual handling techniques and a ladder to remove the casualty to safety. A good team effort by everyone involved." 

An NIFRS spokesperson said: “Crews from Antrim, Ballymena and the Specialist Rescue Team attended a road traffic accident involving a lorry at Dunsilly Roundabout, Antrim.

"Colleagues from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and Police Antrim & Newtownabbey also attended.

Meanwhile, a new weather warning has been issued until noon on Wednesday, impacting counties Antrim, Down and Drry.

The yellow Met Office warning for ice was as Northern Ireland continues to battle an arctic chill.

Temperatures are set to hit -6C overnight into Wednesday in some parts of the country.

A Met Office spokesperson added: “Although many locations in Northern Ireland will remain dry during this time, a few showers of sleet or snow will push inland from the coasts and fall on surfaces that are below freezing.

"These will bring the risk of some slippery conditions from ice, or a light dusting of snow.”


Freezing air sweeps down the River Foyle after blanketing Derry city as temperatures dropped to -7C in some areas across the country. Picture by Margaret McLaughlin


In response, cold weather payments have been extended to more areas in Northern Ireland.

The £25 payment is made to people living in areas where the average temperature is recorded or forecast to be 0C or below for seven consecutive days.

It will be paid to people living in 11 postcodes within the Castlederg and Thomastown weather station areas as well as the Aldergrove weather station area.

A yellow snow and ice warning covering northern Scotland and north-east England has been extended until noon on Friday.

Braemer, in Aberdeenshire, was the coldest place in the UK on Tuesday night, recording a low of minus 17.3C, breaking Monday’s record of minus 15.7C.

The next coldest temperature on Tuesday night was also recorded in Aberdeenshire, at minus 14.9C in Balmoral.

Northern Ireland’s two main airports are largely operating as normal. There were delays to some flights coming to Belfast from Scotland and London. 

Snow and ice blanket Marine park on the coast at South Shields in the North East. Snow and ice have swept across parts of the UK, with cold wintry conditions set to continue for days.


In the Republic of Ireland, Met Éireann said that frost and ice will persist through much of the day and there will be patches of rain in the southwest, falling as sleet or snow in places away from the coast, causing hazardous driving conditions. 

Yesterday, frozen fog blanketed Belfast, Derry and Dublin after the lowest temperatures of the year so far were recorded.

Katesbridge in Co Down saw temperatures plummet to –9C while the dense misty conditions caused poor visibility for commuters in parts of Derry, Belfast and Dublin.

Showing the extent of the cold snap, a specialist rescue crew in Lisburn launched a speedboat to help free a cygnet that was trapped in the ice for several hours at Duncan's Dam yesterday.

The PSNI urged road users to be extra careful, advising drivers to reduce their speed to suit the conditions.

If drivers find themselves skidding, the Road to Zero campaign advises to release the brake pedal fully or ease off the accelerator. The steering wheel should also be turned in the direction of the skid. For example, if the rear of the vehicle skids to the right, steer immediately to the right to recover.

Widespread sharp to severe frosts and icy stretches are to be expected along with "treacherous conditions" on paths and roads.


A heavy frost surrounds Bunratty Castle and gounds in County Clare. Parts of Ireland have been blanketed in snow with forecasters warning that freezing conditions are set to continue. Picture date: Sunday December 11, 2022.


Commenting on the wider picture across the UK, Met Office Chief Meteorologist Matthew Lehnert said: “The cold conditions will remain in situ during this week. In many places daytime temperatures will struggle to get above freezing, while overnight temperatures have the potential to drop below -10 C in rural parts of Scotland.”

While the individual temperatures aren’t considered exceptional for winter in the UK, Mr Lehnert said it was the most significant and widespread spell of cold conditions since February 2021.


A woman walks her dog in the snow at Manor Kilbride in County Wicklow, Ireland. Picture: PA, December 12.


“By the end of the weekend there is a signal that we may see a shift in type away from the Arctic-dominated conditions with milder and wetter weather coming in from the Atlantic. This transition could bring the risk of significant, but highly transient, snowfall before quickly turning to rain,” he said.

“While the freezing conditions remain, drivers especially are reminded that freezing fog, snow and other wintry hazards will continue to create difficult conditions in places this week.”


People navigate thick fog in Dublin City as the Irish Met office issued an orange level Freezing fog warning. Picture: PA, December 12
A grounded helicopter sits in the frozen fog at Belfast International Airport. Picture: PSNI
A 'fogbow’ captured behind a cross on the Galtymore summit in Co Limerick on Saturday. A fogbow is like a rainbow but is white and forms when there’s fog instead of rain. Picture: Emily Gleeson, Met éireann
A specialist rescue crew at Duncan's Dam in Lisburn freed a cygnet that had become trapped in the ice for several hours. Picture: Twitter
A specialist rescue crew at Duncan's Dam in Lisburn freed a cygnet that had become trapped in the ice for several hours. Picture: Twitter
A swan struggles on the frozen pond at the Waterworks in North Belfast as temperatures dropped and the coldest night of the year was recorded. Picture by Mal McCann


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