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Former prison officer who killed pedestrian by driving through red light loses legal battle to have sentence reduced

The Court of Appeal in Belfast

A FORMER prison officer who killed a pedestrian by driving through a red light has lost her legal battle to secure a reduced jail sentence.

The Court of Appeal rejected claims that the 12-month term handed down to Laura Adair (36) for causing the death of Kelly Ann Sherlock was manifestly


Lord Justice McCloskey ruled:"This court has no reservations about the sentence that was imposed."

Adair, who had been on bail pending the outcome of her challenge, was ordered to surrender to custody again by Friday.

Ms Sherlock (40) was fatally injured on the Shore Road in Whiteabbey, Co Antrim in November 2019 while on her way to work.

Adair's black BMW drove through the red traffic light and struck the victim as she crossed the pedestrian crossing near the Northern Regional College campus.

According to an engineer's report, Adair was driving at 43mph in a 40mph zone at the time of the collision.

She was originally accused of causing death by dangerous driving, but subsequently pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing death by careless driving.

Adair, with an address given as "known to police" was sentenced to six months in prison and a further six months on licence.

Defence lawyers argued that the term imposed was clearly excessive.

But the Court of Appeal dismissed the challenge after endorsing remarks made by the trial judge.


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