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Covid-19 infections fall across the UK for second week in a row

In Northern Ireland, the latest estimate for coronavirus infections is 34,200

COVID-19 levels have fallen across the UK for the second week in a row, according to new figures.

Hospital numbers are also continuing to decrease, in fresh evidence the latest wave of the virus has peaked.

In Northern Ireland, the latest estimate for coronavirus infections is 34,200 - or one in 55 people - down from 39,900, or one in 45.

England has the lowest prevalence of the virus of all four UK nations, while in Scotland infections fell to 97,500, or one in 55 people, down from 107,300, or one in 50.

In Wales, 56,000 people were likely to have Covid-19 in the latest survey, the equivalent of one in 55 people, down from 72,400, which was one in 40.

Health experts hailed the autumn booster vaccine programme as helping drive down infections - though nearly a quarter of over-70s have yet to receive a fresh jab.

The total number of people in private households in the UK testing positive for coronavirus stood at 1.1 million in the week to November 8, down 27 per cent from 1.5 million in the previous week, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The recent wave looks to have peaked at just over two million infections in mid-October, well below the peaks seen earlier in the year when infections climbed to nearly four million in July and almost five million in March.

Sarah Crofts from the ONS said: "Though it may be too soon to say the recent wave of infections is behind us, we have seen a decrease across the whole of the UK for a second week".

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