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Donald Trump found discussing Northern Ireland deeply uninteresting, claims book

It is reported that Mr Trump "appeared to get bored" when talking about Northern Ireland with Theresa May

A new book on Donald Trump's presidency has claimed he found the topic of Northern Ireland deeply uninteresting.

The exchange is reported in Confidence Man, from the New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman.

In a meeting with Theresa May, it is reported that Mr Trump "appeared to get bored" when the topic switched to Northern Ireland and the conversation was steered to an offshore windfarm near one of his Scottish golf courses.

Based on more than 200 sources, including Trump himself and former aides, the books charts his life from a New York business mogul through to his outspoken post-Presidency years.

In his usual style, Trump has criticised the release as "another fake book" which contains "zero fact checking".


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