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US clothing brand to donate 4,000 pairs of socks to help homeless community in Northern Ireland

American ethical clothing brand, Bombas is to donate 4,000 pairs of socks to the help the homeless community in Northern Ireland
Marie Louise McConville

AN American ethical clothing brand is to donate 4,000 pairs of socks to help the homeless community in Northern Ireland.

Bombas yesterday announced a new partnership with Homeless Connect in the north.

Established in the United States in response to its founders discovering that the most requested item in homeless shelters was socks, the brand already donates a pair of socks to the homeless community for every item purchased by one of its customers.

The first phase of the partnership with Homeless Connect will involve the donation of 4,000 pairs of high-quality socks, which will be distributed through the charity’s Home Starter Packs.

These contain essential household items given to people moving into a home of their own after a period of homelessness.

Nicola McCrudden of Homeless Connect said the generosity of Bombas was "very much appreciated".

"As well as offering the immediate, practical relief to people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, they are helping to raise awareness of the issue internationally," she said.

"Our work in Northern Ireland is mainly to act as the representative body of the homelessness sector, but we also work with service users and provide direct relief through FareShare and our Home Starter Pack project.

"Our home starter packs are designed to make sure that when you get into your new property that it can very quickly start to feel like a home."

She added: "The simple addition of a pair of high quality, cosy socks from Bombas are a nice extra touch to bring some comfort to those going through this transition.

"We are very grateful to Bombas for this generous donation and look forward to continuing this positive relationship".

Kelly Cobb from Bombas said: "We are thrilled to be able to support the work that Homeless Connect does to provide needed resources and services to their local community on a daily basis".

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