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Police issue warning over cost-of-living scams

Superintendent Gerard Pollock, chair of Scamwise NI Partnership
Marie Louise McConville

POLICE have warned the public to be on their guard after fraudsters targeted a householder as part of a cost-of-living crisis scam.

The resident was contacted by a scammer claiming to be from an energy company, offering to pay them a grant. The caller claimed they needed the householder's bank details to pay money into their account.

However, the member of the public recognised it as a scam and provided no details.

Police are also aware of energy discount scam texts that are circulating.

Superintendent Gerard Pollock, chair of Scamwise NI Partnership, said: "Anyone can be targeted by a scam but, with rising energy costs, we've seen how here, and in other parts of the UK, how scammers are actively targeting those who are financially vulnerable in a bid to exploit an extremely difficult situation.

"I need people to be aware of this threat and what to do if they're targeted."

Mr Pollock said possible scams include offers of energy refunds, energy discounts, tax rebates and cost-of-living payments.

For all of the scams, callers will make an attempt to get personal or banking details.

"Please, do not let yourself be fooled," he said.

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