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King's reply to message of condolence at Hillsborough Castle in full

King Charles III, with the Queen Consort, speaking after receiving a Message of Condolence by Alex Maskey, the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, at Hillsborough Castle

Here is the King’s reply to the message of condolence from the people of Northern Ireland in full:

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of all my family, I can only offer the most heartfelt thanks for your condolences. I am here today at a time of great personal sorrow as we mark the death of my beloved mother, after a life most faithfully dedicated to the duty to which she had been called.

It is fitting that we should meet at Hillsborough, which my mother knew so well, and in whose beautiful rose garden she always took such pleasure.

In the years since she began her long life of public service, my mother saw Northern Ireland pass through momentous and historic changes.

Through all those years, she never ceased to pray for the best of times for this place and for its people, whose stories she knew, whose sorrows our family had felt, and for whom she had a great affection and regard.

My mother felt deeply, I know, the significance of the role she herself played in bringing together those whom history had separated, and in extending a hand to make possible the healing of long-held hurts.

At the very beginning of her life of service, the Queen made a pledge to dedicate herself to her country and her people, and to maintain the principles of constitutional government. This promise she kept with steadfast faith.


King Charles III meeting DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson


Now, with that shining example before me, and with God’s help, I take up my new duties resolved to seek the welfare of all the inhabitants of Northern Ireland.

During the years of my mother’s reign, it has been a privilege to bear witness to such a devoted life. May it be granted to us all to fulfil the tasks before us so well.


King Charles III shaking hands with Alliance Party Leader Naomi Long as Sinn Fein Vice President Michelle O'Neill, DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson and UUP leader Doug Beattie look on at Hillsborough Castle,
King Charles III meeting Sinn Fein Vice President Michelle O'Neill at Hillsborough Castle, Co Down.

King Charles III with UUP leader Doug Beattie and SDLP MLA Matthew O'Toole (right) at Hillsborough Castle

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