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Co Antrim man who went on alleged crime spree refused bail

Daniel Valliday (34) applied for bail at Belfast Crown Court

A CO Antrim man who went on an alleged crime spree has been refused bail after a judge said he would have to put him under "house arrest'' to prevent further offending if released.

Daniel Valliday (34) applied for bail at Belfast Crown Court to live with a family relative outside Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

Valliday, of Bleerick Drive in Antrim, has been charged with a total of 15 offences including two of wounding, two counts of threats to kill, five of criminal damage and two counts of threats to damage property.

He also faces charges of burglary with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and two counts of possessing an offensive weapon with intent.

Prosecution lawyer Michael Chambers told Judge Paul Ramsey QC that the offences were all committed on October 10 2021 and involved a number of victims, including the defendant's ex-partner.

He said police received a report that the defendant had tried to get into the home of his former partner in Antrim's Rathmore Gardens. She heard a window smash and found a wooden post had been thrown through a rear pane.

She claimed Valliday later returned armed with a screwdriver and stabbed her nephew to his right arm.

"Her nephew tried to restrain this defendant and was stabbed in the right leg with the screwdriver,'' said the prosecutor.

Mr Chambers said the fence post had been used to smash the rear window of her black Volvo car and he smashed the windows of an Audi Q2.

"During this incident the defendant was shouting that he was going to kill people and burn her house to the ground which one victim recorded on their phone," he said.

"Police received a further report that he allegedly went to another property nearby armed with a screwdriver and indicated he was going to kill the individual before running away.''

Valliday was subsequently arrested by police and "admitted smashing the car windows of but denied all the other allegations''.

Mr Chambers said that when charged he banged his head on the cell floor, shouted at police, before spitting at officers and removing his bandage to an open wound and flicking blood towards them.

The prosecution lawyer said the principal objection to bail was the risk of re-offending, with 52 previous convictions.

Mr Chambers told the court the most significant entry was in 2010 for grievous bodily harm with intent and he was found to be a danger to the public, resulting in him receiving an extended custodial sentence of nine years.

"We say there are no conditions that would allay the court's concern that if he was released he would not take drink and drugs and commit further violent offences,'' added the prosecutor.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson conceded there was a risk of re-offending, but said the bail address in Enniskillen would remove Valliday from the Antrim area.

"He says the family of his partner want them separated as he is a hate figure in their family. He denies he stabbed anyone with a screwdriver but he admitted grabbing a fella by the throat.''

If released, the Probation Service said Valliday would have to attend addiction services and subject himself to drug testing.

Said Judge Ramsey: "In terms of allaying fears of the risk of further offending I would effectively have to put him under house arrest.

"But I am afraid, on balance, I have to refuse bail. The risk of further offences is too grave.''

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