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£1,500 forfeited to PSNI after being seized in south east Antrim UDA investigation

A court in Antrim awarded £1,493 to the PSNI
Staff Reporter

THE PSNI has been awarded almost £1,500 by a court following a probe into suspected criminality linked to the south east Antrim UDA.

The forfeiture followed a proceeds of crime investigation by the PSNI's Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) into the loyalist group.

A court in Antrim awarded the sum of £1,493 today, and a PSNI spokesperson said the PCTF investigation remains ongoing.

"The amount of cash forfeited today, whilst not vast, shows the PCTF’s ongoing commitment to pursuing proceeds of crime generated from the criminal activities of paramilitary groupings," the spokesperson said.

"The public have specifically asked us to pursue the finances generated by paramilitaries and we will explore every avenue in order to do so."



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