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Police brand Co Derry petrol bomb attack 'reckless'

Police have branded a petrol bomb attack at a house in Co Derry as "reckless"
Staff reporter

POLICE have branded a petrol bomb attack at a house in Co Derry as "reckless".

The device was thrown into the living room of a house in the Glenvara Drive area of Coleraine at around 3am on Friday.

Police last night said eight petrol bomb attacks have been carried out in the town since April 24.

The occupants of the house were sleeping when they heard a loud bang and after going downstairs found a petrol bomb alight in their living room before putting it out.

Police say the petrol bomb was thrown through a window resulting in damage to the furniture, floor, and roof.

A spokesman for the PSNI said: "Fortunately, the fire was contained and did not spread to any other parts of the house, or any neighbouring properties, and there was no requirement to evacuate any other residents living nearby.

“Colleagues from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service also attended the incident, however, thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries.

“However, this reckless attack could very well have resulted in serious consequences."

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