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Consultation on proposal to publish RQIA inspection reports on children's services

The RQIA is seeking the views of the public about children's services
Suzanne McGonagle

A CONSULTATION has been launched on proposals to publish inspection reports on services for children and young people.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) said it is seeking the views of the public about children's services and how they function.

Briege Donaghy, RQIA's chief executive said: "At present, while RQIA publishes findings of inspection relating to adult health and social care services, we don't publish those relating to children's services.

"While this approach aims to protect the privacy of children and young people using these services, this prevents the wider public, including those with a direct interest in such services from having information about the quality of these services, and how they are functioning.

"In developing our consultation proposals, we engaged with a range of representative organisations and individuals with an interest in the provision of services for children.

"We would welcome your views on our proposed way forward, which involves publishing inspection reports in an anonymised format, which will aim to continue to protect the identity of individuals, and the location of services, while ensuring the wider public is informed about the quality and delivery of these key services."

The public consultation is open until October 20 and is available to view on

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