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Alliance leader Naomi Long reflects on 'incredible election'

Alliance leader Naomi Long (right) congratulates newly elected colleague Kate Nicholl (left) and elected Paula Bradshaw (centre) at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. Picture by Liam McBurney/PA Wire 

Alliance leader Naomi Long has said voters have responded to her party "delivering for people" as she called on a Stormont Executive to be formed following an "incredible" election.

Ms Long said she will wait to see if Alliance will be given one or two ministerial posts following a surge in support from the electorate., 

“It’s been an incredible election," she toldd The Irish News. " I’ve been through the highs and lows with Alliance. I started out as one of three councillors left in Belfast City Council in 2001. It was not an easy journey from there to here but I have to say that it’s been worthwhile.

“I think people have responded to the fact that we’ve maintained our consistency. We’ve focused on delivering for people and we’ve focused on trying to make this place better and make it work. That’s what politics should be about."

The East Belfast MLA said Alliance will focus on recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been through the ringer," she said. "The last two years have been awful for people. Communities have suffered, families have suffered huge losses. We need to recover services and invest in people so their lives will be better. That’s a big job ahead.”

Ms Long addressed speculation over hoe many  ministerial posts her party would get should an Executive be formed.

“It’s difficult because under d’Hondt you can gain a lot of seats and not gain seats at the Executive table,” she said.

“It depends on other parties. Obviously Sinn Féin had a very strong showing. We don’t know about the DUP. It’s all in the mix.

“Whether we have two ministerial seats or not the key thing for me is that we have ministers. We’ve got to get the assembly up and running and an executive formed.”

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