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Police discover 'New IRA' bomb components in Derry alert

Seamus McKinney

A SECURITY alert in Derry’s Bogside was launched following the discovery of bomb components, a timer unit and three viable pipe bombs, police have confirmed.

The timer unit was similar to one found in Dungiven last year which, police believe, was made by the New IRA.

The area was closed off for more than 24 hours after the items were found in a passageway between Fahan Street and Joseph Place. Several families were evacuated from their homes for a period. Several police vehicles were also damaged when missiles were thrown by youths.

Detective chief inspector Andrew Hamlin said the devices were found in undergrowth at Fahan Street.

"One line of inquiry relates to the manufacture of the timer power unit and its similarity to a device recovered in Dungiven in 2021, which we believe was made by members of the violent dissident republican terrorist group, the New IRA," he said.

"The fact that these explosive items were left in an area which could have been found by anyone shows an appalling disregard for the safety of the local community."

The attacks on police during the security operation were widely condemned. DUP assembly member Gary Middleton said those involved should be “ashamed".

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