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PSNI issue warning following rise in Whatsapp phishing scams

Marie Louise McConville

Police have urged family members to speak to elderly relatives following a rise in phishing text, phone call and Whatsapp messages.

The scams involve usually a WhatsApp message, but sometimes a text or phone call, from a person claiming to be a family member, and have the common aim of encouraging the recipient to transfer money.

The renewed warning comes after numerous new reports were received from victims across all districts in Northern Ireland.

Superintendent Gerard Pollock, Chair of the ScamwiseNI Partnership said described such scams as "despicable" acts which "takes advantage of a person’s willingness to help out loved ones who are perhaps away from home".

"It’s really important that if you have older members of your family, talk with them and warn them about this particular type of scam. This is a really important conversation to have."

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