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Belfast influencer Olivia Neill sees podcast top charts a day after launch

The 20-year-old released `Inner Monologue' on November 17 and it was number one in the UK Spotify list by the next day

BELFAST influencer Olivia Neill has seen her new podcast shoot straight to the top of the charts a day after its launch.

The 20-year-old released `Inner Monologue' on November 17 and it was number one in the UK Spotify list by the next day. It is currently number one of the Ireland chart - ahead of the popular show about `It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia' featuring case members and Vogue Williams's `My Therapist Ghosted Me'.

The second episode is released today.

Her father Graeme said she has been "very excited" about the new project which has seen murals painted on walls around Portabello in London.

"It's not just what people see," he said.

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"Producing a 16 minute video on YouTube will take a day and a half to edit and she does all that herself, and her TikTok videos. She's working six or seven days a week."

Olivia Neill works with brands such as Quay and she recently created a successful collection of clothing for Motel Rocks, a clothing brand.

Neill, who has 1.3 million followers on TikTok, revealed she had been working on the podcast to her Instagram followers a week ago.

Famous among the teenage demographic which is lucrative to advertisers, she has 773K subscribers on YouTube and 756k followers on Instagram.

The former Methodist College pupil, who once had ambitions to be a pilot, said it had "been a dream of mine for so long" and is "so beyond grateful".

The podcast drops every Wednesday and it is advertised as coming from "YouTuber Olivia Neill... known for being the internet’s bestie and a self-confessed chatterbox with a non-stop inner monologue.

"Bringing her unfiltered honesty, each week she’ll be unpacking what it’s really like to navigate the world as a 20-year old from Northern Ireland living in London; chatting life online, relationship dramas, friendship and sharing advice and anecdotes in response to your questions and stories. No topic is off limits."

Her father said she has been working with a production company to make the podcast, but like the rest of her `content' she has "100 per cent control" over her creativity.

Olivia Neill's main source of income is from brand partnerships, which she organises through her London-based management company.

This week also saw her take part in a `Hometown Showdown' with her fellow social media star Flossie Clegg, where Belfast was pitted against the latter's Cotswolds' birthplace for range of activities from abseiling down the Europa, pouring pints at the Duke of York pub, drinking brown lemonade shin-kicking and riding on the wings of a bi-plane.

Mr Neill said while his daughter is living out her dreams in London, it has not all been a fairytale.

"She's only been out of Methody a year," he said.

"The downside [of what she's doing] is when you open yourself up to media you get what I call the keyboard warriors, young people with nothing better to do (than be negative).

"No one can train you in how to deal with hate."

This weekend will see her back in the bosom of her parents and siblings in Norhern Ireland to attend a family wedding.

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