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Duffy's Circus clowns recruitment - no old jokes accepted

The call for clowns is more stringent: `you must be old jokes accepted'

AFTER more than 500 days closed, a popular circus has placed an appeal on social media to recruit clowns before it gets back on the road.

Tom Duffy's Circus has promised it will "soon be back on the road, touring towns and cities across the country".

Self-described as "Ireland's favourite circus", it has a range of vacancies to fill after the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the live entertainment industry.

In August it was campaigning for both governments on the island to "reopen with full capacity" for the industry which was "the first to close and the last to reopen (with) no roadmap".

All areas of the operation need new recruits with the call going out for HGV drivers with "experience pulling trailers", billers, mechanics and electricians "preferably with previous experience in a circus".

For general circus operatives previous circus experience is only "preferred".

However, the call for clowns is more stringent: "you must be old jokes accepted!!"

In return, the circus is offering "good quality accommodation and a fun working environment, with the opportunity to see every county in the country".

The post has been shared more than 1,000 times and received more than 13,000 comments - most not passing the main criteria for the clown application.

Duffy's Circus is recruiting clowns

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