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Dublin Airport apologises after passengers queue for security for hours and 118 miss flights

Many desks were unmanned at Dublin Airport on Sunday, passengers claimed. Picture by Brian Lawless/PA Wire

DUBLIN Airport has apologised after passengers were left queuing at security for hours, with 118 passengers missing flights.

The scenes were despite the number of passengers who left on Sunday being down four per cent on the same day the previous week.

Passengers exposed the chaos on social media, describing "obscene overcrowding and delays in security" and queues advertised as 35 minute ending up at an hour and 20 minutes", with their gates already closed.

Some blamed "staffing issues" and pointed to most of the desks lying unmanned despite the number of people flying.

One person described just two lanes open and having to run to gate "despite arriving three hours before our short haul flight. Complete shambles".

Dublin Airport spokesman Kevin Cullinane told the media while it had known in advance the number of passengers that were going to turn up on Sunday morning it did not expect so many to arrive at once.

"We put our hands up and apologise. We clearly didn't have the number of security lines for the number of passengers who presented themselves in the first wave on Sunday morning," he said.

“We, Dublin Airport/Daa, were at fault and we unreservedly apologise to the passengers that were held in queues for that length of time and those who missed their flights."

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