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Pfizer and Moderna raise EU prices for jabs

The EU has said it aims to have vaccinated 70 percent of its adult population by the end of September.
Paul Ainsworth

Covid-19 vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer have increased in price in supply contracts to the EU, it has emerged.

In a report by the Financial Times (FT) on Sunday, it was revealed the new cost of a Pfizer shot was €19.50, compared to the previous price of €15.50, while Moderna jabs would now cost $25.50 - amounting to around €19 - but lower than a previously agreed $28.50, which would be around €24.

The deals to buy up to 2.1 billion shots of the vaccine were struck earlier this year, but have been renegotiated after trial data showed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had higher efficacy rates than those developed by other pharmaceutical firms.

Sales of Pfizer's vaccine helped almost double the firm's sales in the second quarter of 2021.

Meanwhile, sales of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab are forecast to rise to $15 billion next year.

The European Commission said last week that the EU is on course to hit a target of fully vaccinating at least 70 per cent of its adult population by the end of the summer.

In May, the bloc said it was planning to have purchased more than one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines from four producers by September.

The FT reported that officials said the EU commission and governments within the bloc had agreed to pay a higher price to secure proved supplies from European manufacturing plants.

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