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Attorney General issues Soldier F identity warning

Northern Ireland Attorney General, Dame Brenda King issued an advisory note yesterday, Thursday.
Seamus McKinney

THE attorney general has warned people against revealing the identity of Bloody Sunday paratrooper Soldier F.

Police removed posters in Derry purporting to reveal the former soldier's name.

At a rally in support of the Bloody Sunday families and the family of Daniel Hegarty who was also shot dead by a British soldier, posters named Soldier F, despite a court ruling that anonymity granted to him in 1972 should continue.

The posters were unconnected with rally organisers.

Copies were also distributed on social media.

Dame Brenda King said she was aware there were postings, "purporting to identify a person known as Soldier F".

"Soldier F is the subject of, and he has the protection of, an anonymity order made by the magistrates' court. The order was made on 18 September 2019 and then, after legal challenge, was maintained on 21 June 2021," she said.

"Any members of the press seeking to report on this matter, and any member of the public posting on social media, should be aware that this court order remains in place, and nothing should be published which identifies (or is capable of identifying) Soldier F."

She warned any breach could constitute contempt of court.

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