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Daughter of prominent republican Colin Duffy claims she's being tailed by British intelligence

Aimee Duffy with young son Rossa. Picture by Hugh Russell.
Connla Young

A DAUGHTER of prominent Co Armagh republican Colin Duffy says she has been left feeling 'intimidated' after being approached by suspected British intelligence officers.

Mother-of-three Aimee Duffy believes she has been targeted on several occasions in recent months.

Her partner Shea Reynolds is currently on remand at Maghaberry Prison. He is one of ten people arrested last year after an MI5 sting operation targeting the New IRA.

The 27-year-old, who says she has no interest in politics, claimed that cards containing cash and Amazon vouchers have been put through her letter box of her Lurgan home in recent months.

She says that on three separate occasions money has also been lodged into her bank account without her knowledge or consent.

Ms Duffy says she has been left shaken after she was approached by two people she believes were MI5 officers after visiting her grandfather in a nursing home on Monday.

She was with her five-month-old son when she was approached by a man and a woman who introduced herself as Vicky.

She claims that cards delivered to her home were also signed Vicky.

Ms Duffy said she made an internet booking to visit her grandfather the evening before the visit, prompting her to suspect her online activity is being monitored.

A video circulated on social media shows the pair leaving the area after getting into a car driven by a second man when they were challenged by Ms Duffy.

"It was very intimidating," she said.

"My nerves are shattered and I feel like now I am not able to go anywhere or do anything and they will know what I am going to do."

Ms Duffy said she now worried about being alone.

"It makes me uncomfortable that they are snooping, it feels like I have a stalker I can't do anything about."

Earlier this month she was barred from visiting her partner after an Amazon voucher and a mobile phone sim card were found in a pair of new trainers she had sent into the jail for him.

She said she had no knowledge of the items.

Unusually she said that within a short period of time the ban was lifted by prison authorities and she received no explanation as to the reason for the U-turn.

Solicitor Darragh Mackin, of Phoenix Law, has lodged a complaint with the Police Ombudsman and written to chief constable Simon Byrne.

The Prison Service was contacted for comment.

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