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Sinéad O'Connor changes mind about quitting music industry

Sinead O'Connor has changed her mind about retiring from the music industry

SINÉAD O'Connor has changed her mind about retiring from "touring and working in the record business" - a day after her shock announcement.

She claimed her original decision was a result of her appearance on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, which she claimed was "abusive".

While promoting her memoir 'Rememberings' host Emma Barnett asked how she felt about being described as "a crazy lady".

She told fans "it was unnecessary and hurtful for Women's (sic) Hour of all people, to remind me of the awfully abusive statements written about me by an Irish man for a UK paper; some years ago representing me as the Jane Eyre-esquires Madwoman in the attic'."

"The hugest misconception (I’m always asked this but never answer) of Sinéad O'Connor is that she is Amazonian.

"I'm not. I'm a five foot four inch soft hearted female who is actually very fragile.

"... Making music that is. I don't like the consequences of being a talented (and outspoken woman) being that I have to wade through walls of prejudice every day to make a living."

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