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Co Down knitter's charity auction Line of Duty figures 'amazing' - Vicky McClure

Perfectly rendered woollen figures of main characters DI Kate Fleming, DI Steve Arnott and Supt Ted Hastings have been lovingly created by a mystery Co Down knitter

LINE of Duty fans who can't bear to part with their favourite characters after Sunday's finale could be in with a chance of taking them home forever in a charity auction.

Perfectly rendered woollen figures of main characters DI Kate Fleming, DI Steve Arnott and Supt Ted Hastings have been lovingly created by a mystery Co Down knitter.

Knit on Stix is a self-taught fibre artist from Newcastle who knits intricately fashioned rabbits and character figures as well as socks and sweaters.

None of her products are for sale and she usually gifts them to others "only for the joy that she knows they will bring".

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Her Line of Duty range has won praise from actress Vicky McClure who plays DI Fleming who described her mini me as "amazing".

During series six, the knitter has been mocking up scenes from the show, including placing the figures in the now famous Belfast city centre subway where characters meet for private debriefings about the sensitive cases.

As the show draws to its dramatic conclusion, she has decided to auction off her creations to raise money for three charities with links to the actors.

The sale has already seen £1,500 bid on the figures.

Her humorous introduction to the auction is a pastiche of Line of Duty's famous attention to police procedure detail.

She tells bidders: "By Order of the Chief Constable we are instructed to dispose by way of PUBLIC AUCTION of several artefacts pertaining to the operations of the unraveling AC-12 Investigation Unit.

" Operational equipment including radios, bullet-proof jackets and knitting needles have been assigned to other Units.

"Specialised listening and surveillance devices have been recycled. The public can be confident that the Central Constabulary are the best in the business. We no longer need to look for convoluted yarns that are unproven and foisted on a gullible public by these woolly-headed officers.

"Potentially incriminating evidence has been found at the homes of the AC-12 officers together with knitted figures each bearing a superficial likeness to respectively Supt Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming and DI Steve Arnott. AC-3 believes that the figures were part of the phenomenon we now know of as "MOTHER OF GOD", promoted by the officers to intimidate their colleagues.

"It is possible the knitted characters are UCOs as there have been sightings around the city including in an underpass used for clandestine meetings.

"These figures are sold without warranty and are not toys."

 DI Steve Arnott and Supt Ted Hastings will be moving in with a fan after the series ends

McClure's doll will see proceeds go to Our Dementia Choir, which brought together elderly dementia sufferers for the project she presented for a BBC programme. Her grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's.

Sales of from the doll of Steve Arnott, will raise money for Ardgowan Hospice in Greenock of which Scottish actor Martin Compston is a patron and the Hastings doll will see money go to Cancer Fund for Children which is associated with Fermanagh native Adrian Dunbar.

The auction ends in eight days.

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