Northern Ireland

New IRA claim responsibility for Co Derry bomb

A bomb was discovered at the home of a PSNI woman in Co Derry this week
A bomb was discovered at the home of a PSNI woman in Co Derry this week

The New IRA has admitted responsibility for an attempted bomb attack on a female police officer, claiming her three-year-old daughter was not their target.

In a statement the paramilitary group said it planted the device, which was attached to a fuel container, at Ballyquin Road, near Dungiven.

The bomb was found by the part-time officer, who is also a civilian worker with the police, at her family home on Monday.

Had the bomb exploded it would have resulted in a potentially deadly fireball.

SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly described the attack as "evil."

"This is nothing but pure evil and evil in the minds of those responsible in the planning, direction and execution of it," she said.

"A united Ireland was not achieved with over 3,000 deaths in the past and is certainly not going to be achieved now either."

Police have said the device was left to the rear of a car at the point where her three-year-old daughter sits.

However, republican sources last night claimed the device was placed at the door of the house and not near the car.

Using a recognised codeword the paramilitary group said it was responsible for leaving the bomb.

The statement, which was signed T O'Neill, said it will continue to target the security forces.