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Belfast violence makes headlines across the world

French daily newspaper, Le Monde, is among those to highlight the violence in NI

NOT only has the recent violence in Belfast made front pages of newspapers across Ireland, but also headlines across the world.

Publications in France, Italy and the US have all featured scenes of the riots and offered analysis on the reasons for the trouble.

French daily newspaper Le Monde said: 'Riots in Northern Ireland fuel unionists' sense of betrayal after Brexit'.

Italy's Corriere della Sera also highlighted the violence with an analysis piece stating: "Nights of violence in Belfast: Why has it returned to Northern Ireland?".

The Washington Post also covered the recent disorder with the headline, 'Rioters ignore pleas for calm as violence flares in Belfast'.

In a story featured on its website, it stated that "unrest has erupted over the past week amid tensions over post-Brexit trade rules and worsening relations between the parties in the Protestant-Catholic power-sharing Belfast government".

The New York Times also stated in its headline that "Northern Ireland sees spasm of violence as old tensions resurface".

However, questions have been raised about the lack of coverage of the violence in news outlets in the UK.

Belfast-born television presenter Eamonn Holmes has questioned why many media outlets in England had not featured heavily on the disorder.

In a segment on This Morning yesterday he raised the issue and also wrote about it on Twitter

"The English media have taken too long to report and analyse this," he said.

"Maybe folk including the PM have little interest, but if this was in other parts of the UK it would be front page and leading radio and TV bulletins.

"This is the consequence of Brexit they don't want you to see."

Meanwhile, the Metro newspaper was forced to redesign its front page on Thursday night after its headline 'Glorious Twelfth' caused controversy on social media.

The front page featured an image of the violence in Northern Ireland with the headline 'Bad Old Days Are Back' with a larger headline directly below saying: 'Glorious Twelfth' .

Many social media users highlighted the fact that Glorious Twelfth refers to the Orange Order 12 July celebrations.

The Metro headline was in reference to the reopening of pubs in England on April 12 following the coronavirus shutdown. The front page was quickly redesigned and the headline changed to 'Get the beers in'.

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